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Culinary Butane Torch – Cooking gas Torch Butane Burner Professional Butane Torch for Cooking Welding Brazing Soldering

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BUTANE TORCH: This Culinary Butane Torch is used in the finest establishments due to the ease it provides for caramelizing sugar atop crème brulee, glazing a baked ham, searing a steak, melting cheese and a variety of other uses.

MULTI-PURPOSE BUTANE TORCH: Unlike other Culinary Butane Torches our Chef Grade Culinary Torch For Cooking has a variety of other sues which include soldering, welding and lighting the barbecue besides it’s culinary use.

UNMATCHED DURABILITY: This is a durable culinary butane torch made from heavy duty metal to provide the best cooking experience. The aluminum alloy pipe is designed to last at high temperatures.

EASE TO USE & SET UP: This butane touch is easy to fill and operate. This high quality culinary torch is extremely easy to use and has a flame control to customize anti-flare flame to perfection whereas the removable base and non-slip grip allows for optimal handheld control.

THE PERFECT GIFT BUTANE TORCH: This Culinary Butane Torch makes the perfect gift for almost any occasion. Whether a close friend’s birthday is coming up or an anniversary, this professional butane torch for cooking will make the perfect gift.

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Exactly What Your Kitchens Been Missing

Have you ever wanted to make Perfectly Glazed or Caramelized backed ham or a crème brulee?Are you tired of watching chefs effortlessly use a culinary butane torch to add those amazing Finishing touches to their food? Well now with this Professional Butane Torch for Cooking, Welding, Brazing, Glazing, Soldering so can you!
Designed to provide the maximum comfort while being used, made using durable metal alloy with an high quality aluminum muzzle to withstand high temperatures this Professional Culinary Torch not only looks great but performs even. With this top of the line culinary butane torch you can easily make food that surpasses restaurant class dishes and impress your friends and family.

Here Are Some Benefits OF Using This Professional Torch Perfect for Homeowners, Workers, or Campers
• Caramelize almost anything ranging from creme brulees to brown meringues to glazing hams and grilling seafood, to even having a s’mores party. The only limit to the use of this chef grade culinary torch is your imagination.
• The high temperature flame is perfect for soldering, jewelry and craft repairs, wax working. 
• This powerful butane torch can easily be used for welding purposes as well as soldering purposes.
• From roasting marshmallows to lighting campfires and cigars this butane torch has you covered.
• Perfect Butane Torch for melting cheese on pizza and sugar on toast for a fabulous meal
& Can Be Used For So Much More

The best part is that you get all of this with our 100% Hassle-Free 90 Days Money Back (or Replacement) Guarantee!
So Add This Professional Culinary Butane Torch To Your Card Today

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